5 ways to live more ocean friendly as a diver and none diver


Facebook seems to be all over the news of dying seagulls, turtles and sea mammals trapped in plastic. It is sad and serious how much plastic we dunk into our ocean EVERY DAY. Per year it is around 8 million tons of plastic entering our ocean. Which makes it 22471,91 tons per day, of which 50% are only used once and thrown away. Unfortunately, that is not the only harm our ocean is facing. Global warming has caused more than 70% of the worlds coral to experience heat stress, which can lead to coral bleaching. If we don’t make a change now, there is not gonna be much left of the beautiful ocean and its unique marine life soon.

So how can we start making changes?


1. Ditch the plastic!

  • Whenever you get a drink ask to not get a straw. They are quite unnecessary, yet tons of them are found in the ocean and along the beach. If you are like me and like to enjoy your drink with a straw get a stainless steel one, for multiple uses. I got mine on Amazon for around 15 Euro and always carry it with me. It comes with a little brush to clean. If you take care of it, it will last you forever.
  • Go grocery shopping with a fabric bag. It turns my stomach to see how much plastic and more plastic bags are wrapped around just one product. Eliminate it by buying single items instead of package ones and use a fabric bag, at the end, to carry it home.
  • Ditch disposal products like one-time razors and plastic cups.


2. Use eco-friendly sunscreen!

Protecting our skin from the sun is indeed important, but so are the coral reefs which will be harmed by the chemicals we use in beauty products.  Especially sunscreen is often used right before going for a swim or a dive. There are alternatives which are coral reef friendly. Look for sunscreens based on titanium dioxide or zinc, instead of chemicals.

For example: The Raw elements eco form sunscreen.


3. Become part of a marine conservation!

There are plenty of ways to become active and reduce debris in our ocean. Oceana, Trashero and Project Aware are just a few names, to begin with. Join a movement and stay updated on ways to help. If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, why don’t you go down to the beach and collect rubbish. Especially after a couple days of thunderstorm the beach is full of trash. It is like the ocean has detoxified itself.  Many dive shops offer clean-up dives for little money or as a completely free activity. Go ahead and ask in your local dive shop. Be aware that you have to be a certified diver to take part on a clean-up dive.


4. Get the right app!

As a seafood lover, it is good to be aware which marine life is endangered.The App is called ‘Seafood Watch’. It helps you chose ocean-friendly seafood in your favorite restaurants by dividing Marine life into three categories. Green, yellow and red. Green is “Best Choice”, yellow is “good alternative” and red “Avoid”. The “Avoid” category is for seafood which is endangered and fished in a way that can also harm other marine life. So get the App to stay updated and eat ocean-friendly. The good thing: The App is for free.


5. Share my Blog post!! 😊 The more people read about how to save Marine life and live more ocean-friendly, the more we can change and reach out.

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