Have you been dreaming about quitting your 9 to 5 job and become a yoga teacher? Or do you want to do just something good for yourself? Mentally, spiritually and physically. No matter if you are planning on teaching one day or not here are 6 reasons why a yoga teacher training will change your life for the better.

1. You will learn proper alignment

During my teacher training, I was shocked to realize how many asanas I have been practicing wrong. No wonder I had lower back and wrist pain after most yoga classes I attended. During the teacher training, you will learn proper alignment and techniques which will save you from injuring yourself.

2. You will learn the true meaning of yoga

There is more to yoga than downward looking dog and sun salutation. The teacher training will take you deep into the knowledge of yoga covering everything from, yoga styles, yoga history, and physiology. You will become an absolute yoga expert.

3. It will make you get an overall healthier lifestyle

Have you ever practiced yoga after a big unhealthy meal or smoking a cigarette? Exactly! It doesn’t feel right. The yoga teacher training made me listen to my body and it needs. You will automatically want to eat healthier and nourish your body like it deserves.

4. You will get confident and self-loving

The yoga teacher training can be intense. You might have 1 or 2 emotional breakdowns and many doubts if you will make it or if you are good enough. But that’s ok. The training is a journey. You will slowly realize that yoga is not about holding a pose as long as possible. It’s about accepting and loving yourself, for where you are right now.

5.You will meet your inner demons and learn to control them

I had these moments during the philosophy classes. I have to admit during the teacher training it was my least favorite topic. Now I believe that they have taught me the most about yoga and myself. You will learn that hiding behind your ego and excuses will not get you anywhere. Instead, you will face your greatest fears and learn to overcome them.

6.Your self-practice will improve massively

I started practicing yoga by attending yoga classes in my local gym. Sometimes I enjoyed it, sometimes I forced myself through it. I wanted to practice more, to see better results, so I bought a yoga matt. But after a couple of sun salutations, I didn’t have a clue what to do next. A headstand or some back bending? Becoming a yoga teacher will bring your self-practice to another level!

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